Partner in Business Development

Kamerton-your solid and reliable partner for business development in Russia
There are great chances and opportunities for Dutch companies in the Soviet Union and particularly Russia. Russia and it’s neighbouring countries offer European companies new opportunities that would like to increase sales of their quality products. This applies to the consumer’s market, as well as to the capital good’s market.  
If your company wishes to take the challenge of accessing the Russian market, you will definitely require the help from well experienced Russian-experts.
Someone who knows the Russian market and society from first hand, is Dr. Oksana  Titova. Oksana Titova was born and grew up in Russia and is today the proprietor and director of Kamerton, B.V. Kamerton is a Dutch company, which is specialised in establishing and maintaining business relations with and in Russia. For you, it is the partner for Business Development in Russia.
Kamerton brings two worlds together. A Dutch company, that imports and exports Russian expertise and know-how. Expertise and know-how, which will help starting companies to find their way in this (yet) unknown world. Kamerton has already been helping many companies this way for several years.
Besides it’s agency role and it´s procurement activities, Kamerton is also specialized in translations. Oksana Titova is a certified translator Russian-Dutch and vice versa. She translates for Courts, lawyers, tax consultants and companies.
Kamerton is the trade agent for many famous and well-known enterprises. On the Russian market she is working for Van Aarsen International BV, Welgro BV and Profigreen BV.